Why Getting Your Engine Tuning Done by a Professional is the Only Sensible Choice

Why Getting Your Engine Tuning Done by a Professional is the Only Sensible Choice

As a car owner, you may very well have seen advertisements for engine tuning online or at your local garage.

Usually offered as an add-on service, companies and individuals offer engine tuning to help your engine reach its peak levels of performance and improve its mpg. 

However, as with most industries, you’ll get great, fully equipped, fully qualified professionals, but you’ll also get those who provide the service without the necessary knowledge and with substandard engine tuning equipment.

The problem is that not only can you end up Not Getting Value for money when you choose the wrong company for your engine tuning and ecu remapping, but you can also Actually do Some Real Damage to your car. 

And here’s why…

It’s a Highly Specialised Skill

Even if your engine tuning or ecu remapping is performed by a garage mechanic, it’s unlikely they’ll have the necessary IMI (Institute of Motor Industry) certification. If so, the person performing the work may not be suitably qualified and with a highly complex job like this, lasting engine damage can occur.

Regardless of whether someone is a qualified motor mechanic or not, unless specific training has been taken by that person in the discipline of engine management systems, the result could a poorly performing or at worst, an unusable vehicle.

Using the Right Equipment

If you choose an unlicensed, unaccredited engine tuner, there’s a very good chance that they won’t be using genuine, high-end ecu remapping and engine tuning equipment.

That’s because the right equipment is expensive, but for good reason, as it massively cuts down on equipment-related issues and is supported by the world’s leading manufacturers.

Less reputable, unqualified operators will often buy cheaper, poor-quality cloned equipment from China which is not only unsupported, but they’ve also been known to damage ecus during the remapping process due to communication errors.

Facilities and Aftercare

Amateur's that use cloned equipment and substandard map files, don't care about their reputation either as they don’t have one.